Lucky Day - Win Real Money! App Reviews

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Rigged Scamming App

This is a scam its rigged always get 1 credit no matter what happens its rigged

Get this

This is pretty awesome

Same updates

Updates have said the sMe thing last 2 times it updated, will never win any coins and i win about 1$ once a month, im now at 4 dollars and someone says you will get to 9 and stop winning, its a fixed app

Beware! Scam

They will let you win until you have 9$ ( 10$ to get paid) and you will never win again

Nice and free

Got 2$, need 8 more for a paypal deposit, or i can donate it for charity. It may be a scam, but i didnt had to pay a single dollars, so...

Nice app

Nice app very interesting game


At the beginning it was a good app, but now its a miracle if you win.. i didnt win since 2 months.. the app is getting worst

Awful app

This app gave me cancer its so bad

Use my code for free credits!!

Pls use my code so we both get 5 credits: FTFB7VR


Ill give it a 5 when my 10$ is deposited in my paypal but still good

Dont waste your time

The games is rigged, it will never let you reach the $10 required to cashout. Once you have $9 you can not win anymore.

Stuck in $6

Never won again even coins, havent reach $10. Uninstalled. 2months no increase.

Crappy game

So I have had this game for like 2 months and I have never won anything its a bad game with no chance to win but it passes the time

I cant reach $10

I cant reach the minimum cash out of $10. I just used almost 100 credits without even a credit win. Been like this for months. Waste of time.

Not really worth it

Its free but Ive been playing for 3 days and havent won anything. I dont expect to make money off this app but I dont even win chances let alone money. Not really worth it.

Well i use to love this app but....

That was befor they updated or something. And now i cant even get the app to open and i have $6.00 in it that i cant get to it because it wont open.... Whats with that????


Just cashed out my first 10$ (will updated if not received in the 7 day tome period they give)) !!! Use the code TOKENS for free tokens :)

Slots are garbage

I have spun the slots a total of 1755 times over the course of a month or maybe more and have not won a single thing

Minor bug fixes?

When you updated the app did you just try to slip in a new system that makes you lose every single turn?

The worst game ever made

This is so bad I been playing on and off all day and havent even one once I hate this game with a passion its the worst thing created who ever made it sucks

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